Initially, the company started its first production in 1996 as a machine design and manufacturing center owned by Iran Tractor Company and since 2003 has been independently producing its products under the name of Mobtakeran Ard Machine company with unique workforce capability and professors in the field of food, flour, livestock feed and storage silos, wheat and cereals and with a track record of planning, production and design with the principles of industrial engineering using the minimum facilities and high productivity.

Also, this company, together with its peers in Iran, has formed Mobtakaran Holding, whose first goal is to supply flour-making machines, dryers, packaging, bakeries, etc. required by the province, country and foreign countries with American and European standards.The second goal is to provide healthy food through the design and operation of optimal and hygienic production lines.

International cooperation

Mobtakeran Ard Machine Company  has  close and reciprocal scientific cooperation with most of the world’s reputable companies in the field of designing and manufacturing flour production lines, which is confirmed by the articles published by experts in this company.Also, this company, like many reputable companies The world follows strict standards in the construction of silos, because in the past years, Mobtekaran Ard Machine Machine Company has been the representative of CSI Silos in Iran only in the construction of large silos.